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Join the Dots in Tech

Join.tech by David Schmid connects the dots across various tech domains into orchestrated solutions, ensuring security and efficienty.

Whether it's on-site engagement in Vienna or Zurich or a remote collaboration, the approach is always client-focused, ensuring custom-fit, secure tech solutions.

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  • Custom Software Development
  • Security Consulting and Compliance
  • Implementation of Cryptographic Protocols
  • Business Technology Consulting
  • Software Technology Process Reviews
  • Linux System Configuration and Architecture
  • Performance Optimization and Scalability Planning
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Key Technologies

  • Rust: fast, safe and robust systems.
  • WebAssembly: complex tasks on browsers that JavaScript struggles with.
  • C/C++: fast system-level applications and cryptographic protocols.
  • Python: scripting, automation and data handling.
  • Hardware Security Modules: security of cryptographic keys and transactions.
  • PCI Compliance: standards for secure transactions.
  • Network Traffic Monitoring: identifying bottlenecks and security vulnerabilities.
  • Web Development: responsive and interactive web applications.
  • SQL: managing data
  • Debian Linux: run server-side services.
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